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vor 2012 / Version 0.105 : PolicyKit

Debian Paket: policykit-1

Root-Rechte für Konsolenprogramm graphisch erfragen:

pkexec vim /etc/shadow

Anmerkung: Der Aufruf sollte besser vipw -s lauten, um die Datei /etc/shadow zu bearbeiten.

Root-Rechte für graphisches Programm graphisch erfragen: 1) getestet mit Wayland

xhost +SI:localuser:root
pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY gedit /etc/shadow
xhost -si:localuser:root
Emmanuele Bassi, GNOME developer: „there are no *real*, substantiated, technological reasons why anybody should run a GUI application as root. By running GUI applications as an admin user you're literally running millions of lines of code that have not been audited properly to run under elevated privileges; you're also running code that will touch files inside your $HOME and may change their ownership on the file system; connect, via IPC, to even more running code, etc. You're opening up a massive, gaping security hole […].
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