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lpi2:start [2019/12/20 10:30]
ingo_wichmann [211.3 Managing Mailbox Access (weight: 2)]
lpi2:start [2019/12/20 11:54] (aktuell)
ingo_wichmann [Future Change Considerations]
Zeile 1123: Zeile 1123:
-==== Future Change Considerations ==== 
-Future changes to the objective will/may include: 
-    *Extend the amount of NetworkManager covered, i.e. including the CLI 
-    *lighttpd would have been too much coverage of web services. Perhaps reduce Apache next revision to make room. 
-    *host level IDS (tripwire, AIDE, etc) to be covered in future LPIC-1. 
-    *introduction (or more) to FreeIPA 
-    *add coverage of mod_security and mod_evasive to Apache HTTP (maybe as a separate topic: Web Application Firewall) 
-    *add coverage of a higher-level firewall package like firewalld or ufw 
-    *Reconsider mod_perl 
-    *Add firewall-cmd and /​etc/​firewalld/​firewalld.conf related to firewalld to LPIC-2 
-    *Awareness of firewalld 
-    *Add nmcli and nmtui to LPIC-2 
-    *Full coverage of IPv6 auto configuration 
-    *Remove djbdns 
-    *Advanced shell scripting (sed -e, set -x, set -o, pipefail, PIPESTATUS, declare) 
-    *Filesystem quota (similar to the topic removed from LPIC-1) 
-    *Understanding of consistency in backups, e.g. for databases 
-    *Let's Encrypt for certification procurement 
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