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admin_grundlagen:prozesse [2019/08/14 10:07]
dhoppe [pgrep, lsof, pstree, top]
admin_grundlagen:prozesse [2019/12/21 07:56] (aktuell)
Zeile 10: Zeile 10:
 Anzeigen aller Prozesse und Threads: Anzeigen aller Prozesse und Threads:
   ps -T -e   ps -T -e
 +Anzeigen aller Kernel-Threads:​
 +  ps -p 2 --ppid 2
 +Kernel-Threads die mit /nummer angezeigt werden laufen auf der CPU mit der entsprechenden Nummer.
 +Beispiele für Kernel-Threads (die Liste ist weder aktuell noch vollständig):​
 +  * migration: Used to move processes between CPUs - for load balancing
 +  * ksoftirqd: Kernel healper thread to handle softirqs that can't be handled immediately
 +  * watchdog: Notices if the system appears to be hung
 +  * events: Handles kernel workqueues that aren't handled by other threads
 +  * khelper: used as a schedulable context for stuff that call_user_mode_helper wants to run; like /​sbin/​hotplug or modprobe
 +  * kblockd: used for running low-level disk operations
 +  * kacpid: deals with ACPI - such as for power saving functions
 +  * khubd: used for configuring USB
 +  * kseriod: used for handling serial io
 +  * khungtaskd: used for detecting hung tasks
 +  * pdflush: sends memory to disk - to free RAM
 +  * kswapd: swaps processes to disk
 +  * aio: handles asynchronous IO
 +  * kpsmoused: handles mouse IO
 +  * scsi_eh: SCSI event handler
 +  * qla2xxx_0_dpc:​ qla device driver thread
 +  * scsi_wq: scsi work queue handler
 +  * fc_wq: fiber chanel work queue handler
 +  * fc_dl: fiber chanel handler
 +  * kstriped: helper thread for striped volumes
 +  * ksnapd: helper thread for handling dm-snaps (disk snapshots)
 +  * kjournald: helper thread for handling filesystem journals
 +  * kauditd: kernel thread for handling audit events
 +  * kmpathd: multipath daemon helper thread
 +  * ib_*: infiniband threads
 +  * kworker: handles delayed work from throughout the kernel where the work is not being handled by one of the other queues. The number of kworker threads vary over time based on the amount of work in the work queues.
 +  * kondemand: Used by ondemand CPU frequency govenor
 === Status === === Status ===
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